Fort Wayne crime reports

September 10 - September 16

Burglary (31)
Robbery (10)
Shooting (1)
Theft from vehicle (25)
Vehicle theft (9)
Total: 76

Since Jan. 1

Burglary (1010)
Homicide (7)
Robbery (253)
Shooting (62)
Stabbing (40)
Theft from vehicle (947)
Vehicle theft (255)
Total: 2574

This chart lists crimes investigated by the Fort Wayne Police Department including homicides, burglaries, robberies, shootings, stabbings, stolen vehicles and thefts from vehicles. Because of the department's reporting policies, an attempted robbery or burglary is classified as an actual robbery or burglary, respectively. The listed block numbers are those where the crimes were reported and not necessarily where the crimes occurred.

11September 14, 2014Theft from vehicle600 RIVERSIDE AVE
11September 14, 2014Robbery200 FOURTH ST E
11September 12, 2014Burglary600 LILLIAN AVE
11September 11, 2014Burglary1200 GOSHEN AVE
11September 10, 2014Theft from vehicle2400 CORTLAND AVE
11September 10, 2014Burglary800 RIDGEWOOD DR
12September 15, 2014Vehicle theft1800 WHEELER ST
12September 14, 2014Theft from vehicle1400 MARGARET AVE
12September 12, 2014Theft from vehicle1000 DEGROFF ST
12September 10, 2014Theft from vehicle1900 ROSEMONT DR

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